Aqua Step


Aqua-Step, with its complete range of 100% water-resistant flooring, provides you years of comfort and a worry-free future. Aqua-Step is perfectly resistant against spills, floods, moisture and condensation. It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, hallways, cellars, ... Aqua-Step is made of high quality synthetic resins. It contains no wood components. Aqua-Step has 0% swelling in all atmospheric circumstances. Aqua-Step is also recommended for project applications such as fitness rooms, restaurants, shops, ... as it meets all necessary technical specifications.

Aqua Step Laminate Flooring comes in a range of Wood Styles and Stone Styles.

Aqua-Step can be installed directly on damp concrete, even without a damp barrier. Aqua-Step doesn't even have to acclimatise prior to installation. When time is money, Aqua-Step is certainly the ideal solution.


Aqua-Step fits quickly and easily thanks to a special co-extruded joint in combination with the integrated world famous patented Uniclic locking system, the best in its category. The result is a floor with perfect waterproof seams. This very flexible installation system even allows you to re-install your floor several times. With Aqua-Step you can cover large surfaces up to 900 m2 (30 m x 30 m), without the use of intermediate expansion profiles. From bathroom to sleeping room, from kitchen to living room... resulting in an esthetical enhancement and enlarging your room optically. Thanks to this easy and fast installation no extra accessories are required.


Aqua-Step is an environmentally friendly product. It has the magnificent beauty of hardwood without sacrificing a single tree. Aqua-Step can be fully recycled, it doesn't contain formaldehyde or PCP.